Wireless Custom Window Treatments Offer Seamless Integration

The Sivoia QS Triathlon Wireless Shading System Is a Great Fit for Your Home

Are you considering bringing custom window treatments to your Los Angeles, CA living space but aren’t sure how a wired system would impact your home? However, wireless shading can provide the ultimate benefits of automated window treatments – with a zero-hassle installation and setup.

For your wireless shading system, the Sivoia QS Triathlon is top tier. Convenient, reliable, scalable, and more – you can’t go wrong with this battery-powered solution from Lutron. Keep reading on below to explore how wireless shading can fit into your daily lifestyle.

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Effortless Integration & Scalability

If you’re renovating your home or retrofitting an old system, Sivoia shading is your go-to solution. A wireless, battery-powered setup means that the Sivoia system is not only easy to incorporate into your property – it’s also quite simple to maintain. Its industry-leading battery life is guaranteed for three to five years, and changing said batteries takes little time. The headrail tips forward with ease to show the battery tray – you won’t even have to take down the shade.

Sivoia lets you bring the shades to every area of your home while centralizing the system from one single source. Integrate the shades with a Lutron lighting system and more, letting them seamlessly become a staple throughout your smart home. This shading system’s scalability can take the pressure off installing multiple shades at once right from the start. With Sivoia, you can start with a standalone unit or some in a few rooms to create a cohesive system – and then, later, you can upgrade to a system that spans your entire property. The easy installation and setup make building upon your system stress-free always.

Convenience & Style

As you can manage your Sivoia shading system from one centralized source, it only takes a single button-tap on a wall keypad or handheld smart device to control every shade throughout your home. With the system’s powerful battery, you can expect consistency and reliability every time you press a button to operate your shades.

Not only are the shades reliable, but they also offer an ultra-quiet performance! You can quickly lower your shades, raise them up, and make adjustments throughout the day without any fuss or disrupting sounds. The Sivoia line is available in roller, insulating honeycomb, and wood blind shading styles – plus, you have a vast selection of fabric colors and textures to choose from as well! This wireless shading can accommodate any room in your home and even elevate the aesthetics and décor.
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