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How Can Lutron Lighting Transform Your Living Spaces?

A kitchen space illuminated by Lutorn lighting fixtures.

Elevate Your Daily Routine with Top-Tier Lighting

Lutron lighting systems transform home environments into spaces that offer both comfort and efficiency! Known for their innovative technology and design, Lutron's range of lighting solutions can elevate daily living across your Beverly Hills, CA, home in a variety of ways.

In this blog, we’ll explore the endless benefits of incorporating Lutron lighting throughout your living spaces, emphasizing how it can enhance your lifestyle, improve energy efficiency, and contribute to your home's aesthetics. Keep reading for more!

Why Motorized Awnings from ABC Sun Control Might Be Right for You


Explore How Luxury Outdoor Window Treatments Can Increase Convenience and Accessibility

Are you looking to transform your sunny Palos Verdes backyard into a more customized and comfortable space? Exterior motorized awnings and shades provide protection and comfort throughout your backyard, helping to create the custom space of your dreams. 

At Window Collections, we are proud to partner with ABC Sun Control Systems to install their products in homes across Southern California. As you look to upgrade your space inside and out, motorized shades, blinds, and awnings offer automatic settings that leave outdated manual adjustments in the past! When you want to enhance your space and create a custom, cohesive look, our cutting-edge installations have you covered.

Exterior Shades: CONRAD versus Architectural Window Treatments

Image is of a motorized exterior shade covering an outdoor patio with multi-couch seating.

Explore top brands for exterior shades to enhance your home’s beauty without sacrificing function

Over the past few years, exterior shades have become a popular upgrade for modern Beverly Hills, CA, homes. As technology improves, it has transformed the window covering industry from conventional blinds and shades that were raised and lowered with a pull string to whisper-quiet motorized shading systems that are just as chic as they are functional.

Two brands stand out when considering which exterior shades to purchase and install: CONRAD and Architectural Window Treatments. Our team at Window Collections works with both brands and specializes in helping homeowners and designers receive the best custom-fit shades on the market that make their property stand out.

Take the Indoors Outside with a Renson® Pergola

An outdoor pergola with comfortable furnishings and relaxing light.

Extend Your Los Angeles Living Area with This High-Quality Outdoor Solution

There aren’t many places you’d rather be than outside when the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing in beautiful LA. But when you’ve got work to do, there simply isn’t a way to enjoy the sunshine during the day—your computer would overheat, or it’d be too difficult to read the screen. Until now. With a Renson Pergola, you can bring the indoors outside while creating a beautiful open space. Continue reading to learn how a Renson Pergola could transform your Los Angeles, CA, home.

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