Luxury drapes adorning windows in an office space.

Window by Window – We’re with You All the Way!

Window Collections Elevates Any Room with Luxury Drapes

A luxurious smart home experience wouldn’t be complete without custom drapes that not only seamlessly integrate with the personal decor but also elevate the living spaces entirely. However, luxury drapes are not something that anyone should approach with DIY solutions in mind. And if you’re an architect or designer in Beverly Hills, CA, that wants to incorporate stunning window treatments in your clients’ homes, you might not even know about the newest, automated shading solutions on the market. 

Entrust your new build or renovation project to our team of experts at Window Collections. Our smart technology expertise and shading solutions ensure an end result that far surpasses your homeowners’ expectations. Learn more about how we can help by reading below.

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Luxury Drapes Enhance Your Design & Decor

Breathe new life into any living space with luxurious window treatments that transform the overall atmosphere with their presence. Imagine customized drapes that are designed to match any room’s decor and theme while highlighting the home’s beautiful architecture.

With an endless selection of fabrics and styles to choose from, custom drapes transform a room, either complementing the design motif or giving it a brand-new look. However, with new construction projects, it’s especially critical to incorporate the drapery installation into the pre-planning and design-build process. When you work with Window Collections, you’ll enjoy customized services – from consultations and drapery selection to installation and ongoing customer service.

A Team You Can Rely On

It’s essential to call in a team of professionals for every aspect of your property’s shading – and Window Collections is up to the task. Our team will be there for you every step of the way, ensuring that your planned design, your client’s expectations, and our drapery installations all come together effortlessly.

With new builds, there’s a high level of experience required for bringing in custom window treatments. This solution isn’t as simple as throwing drapes up on a window and calling it a day. What if a window needs to be moved or there are major updates to the project along the way? Our team provides constant communication as we monitor changes and relay information back to your team – all in an effort to bring a final result to your client that matches their unique vision.

Want to find out more about bringing luxury drapes to your whole property? Give our team at Window Collections a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!