What to Consider When Choosing Custom Draperies

Here Are Some Key Points for Finding the Right Window Treatments

Bringing custom draperies to your home in the Manhattan Beach, CA area requires careful deliberation. There are many factors to consider when it comes to a professional drapery installation from our team at Window Collections.

In this blog, we’ll explore what the best custom draperies feature and what their design and installation entail. Want to learn more about choosing the right treatments for your upcoming projects? Keep reading on below.

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All About the Materials!

Every beneficial component of your draperies boils down to the quality of their materials. The fabric needs to be durable and resilient to constant folding over and over again while still showcasing the desired style and aesthetics. You’ll need to ask yourself what type of header pleat your drapes will use: ripple or pinch pleat? Double or triple? While there is only one ripple-fold pleat style, there are several variations of a pinch pleat. Depending on the room or your personal style, fold design has a specific effect on the surrounding space.

Drapery fabric fullness will also determine how much stack back the treatments take up when they’re pulled back and open. This fullness then affects appearance and overall functionality. No one wants drapes that are a struggle to open or get caught when they pull back.

The drapery fabric’s lining material also needs to be high-end and well suited for taking on the sun’s intense rays. The lining density either is light filtering or black out which prevents any sun from illuminating the fabric. Long-lasting material ensures you won’t deal with fading, photo-degradation, or poor performance from the drapes down the road.

Find the Right Drapery Track

After determining top-quality materials for your custom drapes, finding a proper drapery track is essential. You want a track that is hidden, avoiding intrusion on the existing design and setup, or decorative, that adds the finishing touch to the décor.

As mentioned above, when your drapes traverse open, you don’t want to see them bunch up or get caught on the track. It is imperative that drapes operate and glide smoothly and function with ease. Drapery tracks that provide smooth action like this are a must for your installation.

Drapery track motors, offering the most efficient and fluid functionality, should be able to handle the weight of the fabrics used in your design. This strength of the motor contributes to that smooth glide along the track and ensures that every opening and closing is effortless, as though the drape material were weightless. We also recommend high-quality curved tracks to perfect that even glide in difficult corners.

Planning & Communication

Installing custom draperies requires a lot more than simply placing a metal rod and hanging material in front of your floor-to-ceiling windows. A professional installation with these custom solutions that are architecturally built into the ceiling, necessitates proper planning and communication with our team of experts.

Our goal is always to guarantee an end product that not only looks incredible but also lasts for years and years to come. This kind of detailed and dedicated installation and design needs careful planning and management, and our team is here to take care of every step of the process.

Want to learn more about how we can help you bring the right custom draperies to your property today? Give our team at Window Collections a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!