What Makes Smart Lighting Control So Special?

Unlock the benefits of a Lutron lighting control system

Enjoy the convenience of one-touch control of all of your lighting. Lutron lighting solutions make all of this possible and more. With just a tap from your smart device of choice, you can create vibrant custom lighting designs that illuminate your home and accentuate your interior decor. Discover three must-have benefits of Lutron smart lighting control in your home in Palos Verdes, CA.

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The most obvious advantage of smart lighting control is convenience. With just a tap, you control every lighting fixture in your home from any room and anywhere in the world! Never again will you have to leave the comfort of your bed to turn off the porch lights. Need to take the dog out to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? Speak a voice command, and your lights create a pathway from the bedroom to the backyard. Then, the porch lights automatically turn on when motion is detected so you can see your dog. Using an on-wall keypad, tablet, or your smart device of choice, you can change the ambiance of any room. Dim the lights for a calming mood, or coordinate your lights with other smart technology in a scene that controls everything simultaneously with just a push of a button.


Smart lighting control is more than convenient. It can also reduce energy usage, lowering monthly bills and minimizing your carbon footprint. Your landscape lighting will automatically turn on when it gets dark to add beauty and security to your property, then turn off when the sun rises. Your outdoor lights will only be on when you need them! Never worry about accidentally leaving your indoor lights on with an “All-Off” button that turns off every fixture in your home to eliminate energy waste. You can even schedule your lights to turn off automatically 15 minutes after you usually leave for work. Then turn them on again 15 minutes before you get home, so you don’t walk into a dark house.


A common misconception many homeowners have is that smart technology detracts from your interior design. This is false, however. Lutron lighting systems add beauty and style to your home. Customize every fixture by color and intensity to create beautiful layered lighting designs. Change the amount of light depending on the time of day, such as dimmed lighting in the evening and bright light in the afternoon. Or, illuminate your home in neon colors for dance parties, your team’s colors on game days, and amber lighting for dinner gatherings.

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