What Is Essential for Your Window Coverings & Design?

Find Out What Goes into Your Clients’ Window Treatment Materials

For window treatments to perform perfectly, they need top-notch window coverings for their overall design. Custom motorized shades aim to simplify your clients’ daily living – but what kind of materials make up such an innovative solution?

Also, how important are the actual materials for the automated shades in your Los Angeles, CA clients’ homes, and what makes others stand above the rest? Keep reading on below to learn more about these coverings and how they can benefit your shading setup and design today.

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What Exactly Goes into a Window Covering?

When figuring out what your motorized shading needs for its materials and design, you need to think about what its function is. More than likely, your shades will help block out the sun and protect your clients’ interiors when the natural lighting is at its harshest. It’s crucial that your shades have coverings that increase UV protection and reduce glare – helping your homeowners enjoy a movie on their TV screen without ever having to squint or shift sitting positions.

So, what do you need in window covering materials? At Window Collections, we know that your shading will often need to serve multiple roles. You want to maintain the view and aesthetics you’ve worked hard to cultivate in your clients’ living spaces while also providing the protection we mentioned above. That’s why our team offers the best and finest materials – and for our sunscreen fabrics, we use an open weave that lets sunlight filter through while still delivering a gorgeous view.

These fabrics include the necessary UV protection, heat reduction, ultimate controlled glare, optimized interior energy efficiency, and more! Plus, if you’re interested in bringing other fabrics and shading materials into the mix, dual treatment applications can give you the best of both to serve those multiple preferences and needs.

Only the Best Products from the Best Brands

Bringing the most trusted and sought-after shading designs to your clients is a priority – which is why when you team up with Window Collections for your design and installation projects, we offer only the best products from the leading brands in the industry.

Window treatments and coverings from CONRAD Original Sunshades are handcrafted from sustainable natural fibers, providing shades that simply have no comparison. Your clients will benefit from the high-end material features that we’ve mentioned above while also standing in awe every time they utilize their shades.

Interested in bringing CONRAD shades to your upcoming design project? Give our team at Window Collections a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!