What Goes into Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Automated Shades?

Bring Your Desired Material & Design to Your Shading Installation 

Window treatments enhance and stylize your windows, provide convenience and luxury throughout your day, and add the missing piece to any home décor setup. But have you considered the process for choosing the right fabric for your motorized shades? Your shading’s fabric and material shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into this intricate process and show you what components and features are important to evaluate for your decision-making! Keep reading on below to learn the best way to choose the right fabric for your Los Angeles, CA home’s automated shades

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Knowing the Difference in Shading 

One of the initial questions you have to ask yourself is what type of motorized shades you want – and whether you truly know the difference between the different kinds of shading models and styles and what each of their purposes is. For example, a sunshade differs vastly from a privacy shade, though both can provide protection from UV lighting. 

Sunshades reduce glare but still allow you to view your outdoor surroundings – the shades’ fine materials and open weave letting sunshine filter into your home. On the other hand, privacy shades are all about closing you off from the outside world. These shades allow a bit of light in but do not have an open weave. This fabric is opaque and obscures any shapes or shadows on the other side. You’ll experience the ultimate in privacy and protection from intense sunrays – for both you and your interiors. 

The key difference in these types of shades, and many other models, is the shading’s openness factor. A low openness factor ranges from three to five percent, which is what privacy shades boast, with less visibility and more sun blockage. When that factor percentage is higher, the more visibility your shades will provide via their open weave and lessened opacity.  

Window Covering 101: What’s Right for Your Living Space? 

As different shading models require unique fabrics and materials, there are a variety of window coverings to accommodate your exact needs throughout your property. Let’s say you have a beachfront home – you undoubtedly want to take in that beautiful view daily! A shading fabric with a bigger openness factor will still provide some respite from the glares of harsher sunlight while still letting you take in the vistas. 

Sheer, privacy, blackout, and more – even a dual shading application of more than one – there is a window covering for any type of shading installation you desire. The right fabric for your window treatments all comes down to what you want out of your automated shades.  

Work with Window Collections 

Our team of experts at Window Collections understands what a shading fabric does for its window treatment and how much it ultimately impacts its surroundings. We’re here to help you with every step of the process, from choosing the best materials for your shades to installing them throughout your home. We make the entire project a breeze. 

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