What Are Some Options for Custom Window Treatments?

Explore the Variety of Lutron Shades This Year 

Style is one of the best ways to express ourselves. From the clothes we wear to the car we drive to our smartphone covers, we are constantly telling the world who we are. Homeowners view their property as another space where personal style and elegance can be reflected. A home’s design and décor should invite homeowners to always truly be themselves, relax, and unwind from the world outside in a space that’s catered to them.  

No longer is there a divide between interior design and smart home automation; a crossover between these two industries is becoming more and more common in homes. Now you can enjoy functionality with flair when it comes to custom window treatments. Because with all the latest styles, fabrics, and materials from brands like Lutron and Blindspace, you can automate any home in Los Angeles, CA without sacrificing personalized design.  

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A Variety of Window Coverings for Every Preference 

We all remember those thin white blinds that our grandmother or childhood friend had in their home. They could be noisy when used and fragile if moved the wrong way, but they did come in various colors and materials, such as woods and plastics. 
Motorized shades offer even more variety, with endless styles and shading models – plus, their retractable nature allows for a more solid form of a window covering that can be adjusted with a tap on your touchscreen. With the convenience of automated shades controlled from an interface or voice control, there is even more flexibility with how one wants them to look at all times. Sheer roller shades, blackout shades, and colorful roman shades, and even drapes can all showcase a different design customized for every homeowner. 

Lutron is a well-known and trusted automated lighting and shading brand that we highly recommend for any custom design installation. The difference between Lutron shades and the ones you grew up seeing is that the former makes their shades – whether fabric or wooden – from top-quality materials. And you get a nearly endless supply of options in opacity level, textures, colors, and prints, including their custom-print option. 
For motorized shades that remain completely concealed when not in use, Blindspace offers window and skylight blinds, as well as recessed curtain tracks. With Blindspace, a minimalist design is possible, letting surrounding home décor shine in the designated room. 

More Than Just Pretty Window Treatments 

While style and design are of prime importance, homeowners can also depend on custom window treatments like the Serena honeycomb shades from Lutron to provide heat-controlling functionality. These elegant shades also cover additional thermal protection, which keeps rooms cool during warm days and prevents harsh UV rays from damaging antique furnishings, vintage items, and priceless artwork.  

With motorized window treatments from lines like the Palladiom shading system, it’s also a breeze to integrate them effortlessly into the most understated designs just by seamlessly fitting them into any frame or window recess. Plus, the retractable motor prolongs the life of the custom window treatments so that homeowners can enjoy them for years to come.  

Lutron pays attention to the smaller details that less reputable manufacturers might skip by creating state-of-the-art accessories to pair with their window treatment designs. For example, their recent launch, the Alisse keypad, keeps window treatment control looking sleek and minimal, not only blending in with existing décor but also enhancing it. 
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