luxury living room overlooking the city through floor-to-ceiling windows furnished with custom draperies

Top 3 Reasons You Need to Consider Custom Draperies

Discover the Latest Features of Automated Window Treatments

Adding custom draperies throughout your Manhattan Beach, CA, home can dramatically enhance any living space’s ambiance, convenience, and energy efficiency. These stylish window coverings enhance a homeowner’s daily lifestyle and routines, from the bedroom to home entertainment areas and beyond. Discover three reasons our clients love incorporating custom draperies in our article below—keep scrolling!

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1. Custom Draperies Add Convenience

One of the key benefits of incorporating motorized draperies into a home is the time-saving convenience they provide. Imagine being able to control the amount of light entering a room without needing to manually adjust each curtain or blind individually. Think about how frequently you typically walk from room to room to adjust shades, and we bet it’s at least twice—once to open them and again to close them later in the day. Instead, save time and energy and always have the perfect ambient lighting by pressing a button to open an entire home’s window coverings to the perfect setting to let in sunlight, block glare, and more.

This is particularly useful in larger homes with high, hard-to-reach windows or a vast amount of windows. We can even help you automate draperies so they only open or close based on the time of day or light levels. This helps create a seamless experience tailored to suit every homeowner’s needs.

2. Custom Draperies Enhance Aesthetics

Custom draperies add a touch of luxury and modern sophistication to any living space. They move smoothly, quietly, and evenly every time, removing the possibility of unevenly adjusted shading solutions that disrupt the visual harmony of a space. Homeowners can choose from a wide selection of fabrics, patterns, and window treatment styles that suit the aesthetics of their home while simultaneously turning windows into a remarkable design feature.

3. Custom Draperies Increase Energy Efficiency

Surprisingly, custom automated draperies also contribute to energy efficiency. During warmer months, close them during the hottest part of the day to prevent solar heat gain, reducing the reliance on air conditioning. Or, in colder months, leave them open during the day to allow natural sunlight to warm the home. Naturally regulating indoor temperatures leads to significant savings on energy costs over time. Being more mindful of your carbon footprint while adding style to your spaces is the ultimate way of living a luxury lifestyle. 

Custom draperies are the ideal solution if you’ve been wondering how to incorporate automation and smart home technology into living spaces without detracting from decor and style! You can contact our team here to start a conversation about your project ideas. We can’t wait to hear from you.