The New Wireless Palladiom Roller Shades Elevate Your Living Space

These Lutron Shades Give You Design Freedom

Automated window treatments for your Los Angeles, CA home can create the ultimate atmosphere throughout your living spaces. A tap of a button can bring in the natural sunlight or conceal your interiors from its intense rays. But what you don’t want are intruding shades that seem to cause a wrinkle in your desired interior design.

With wireless Palladiom motorized blinds from Lutron, you can experience both style and high-end performance together with one innovative solution. This shading system enhances your aesthetics while also working conveniently and quickly whenever you need it, at any moment of the day.

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Elevate Your Aesthetics

Imagine motorized shades, simplified. The Palladiom roller shades from Lutron provide this desired simplicity with a wireless installation and a polished design that seamlessly fits your interiors. You won’t need to limit your shades to one room’s aesthetics or theme – with the Palladiom system, you can shape a new home around its design or have it accommodate your existing décor.

Taking up no more than 3 ¼ inches of vertical space, the shades can cover up to a 12×12 foot window, letting you easily combine convenience and automated control with your design preferences.

Battery-Operated System Built to Perform

Running on Active Energy Optimization, the Palladiom system optimizes the efficiency of its batteries to extend their lifetime. Using up to six D-cell batteries at once, the shades have a battery life of three to five years. While its batteries are replaceable, its actual build makes managing the system quite simple.

Everything is stored within the shading, including its hardware concealing buttons, LED indicator lights, and battery-changing mechanism. With these programming features hidden under the bracket, your shades will look sleek and streamlined – never revealing the components that make it perform optimally on a daily basis. Plus, the brackets are available in seven different hand-finished materials to suit a wide variety of design tastes!

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