Protect Your Interiors with Automated Shades

Proper Shading Prevents Harsh Sunrays from Damaging Your Home

There’s no doubt that basking in the sun’s glow, whether in the sunrise or sunset – or in that those perfect moments midday – are incomparable. Natural sunlight has a way of revitalizing us! However, while we might benefit from the sun, our home’s interiors do not.

If you’re leaving your windows unconcealed throughout the day, then your floors, artwork, and more valuables are getting faded and ruined during those long hours of harsh sunlight. This is why automated shades are so crucial for your Manhattan Beach, CA home. Want to find out more? Keep reading on below.

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Sunglasses for Your Whole Home

Just as you’d protect your eyes from the direct and intense sunlight, your home deserves the same level of protection. So, while you might enjoy the vistas that your large bay and floor-to-ceiling window provide, those same windows are letting in damaging sunrays.

Over time, you’ll notice your hardwood floors fading and your valuable artwork and antique furniture slowly getting ruined from the sun. But with automated shades, you can prevent this damage altogether. Whether you have more opaque shades or sheer ones, any form is ideal for concealing the sunshine from directly streaming into your home. Not only will they protect your interiors, but they’ll also eliminate glares across your TV screens at the most inopportune moments! Sunshine is wonderful – but not when it’s in your eyes, across your TV, or damaging your home.

Easy Shading Management

Now having window treatments to block sunlight from coming in when necessary doesn’t mean having to remember to press a button to lower or raise the shades – with motorized ones, you can create a setting to adjust automatically depending on the sun’s pattern in the sky.

When the sun is at its most intense, your shades can lower entirely – blocking its rays’ path from seeping into your home. But as the sun shifts across the sky and its intensity wanes, your shades can adjust accordingly. Optimize natural lighting without ever sacrificing your home’s interiors. 

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