Motorized Shades Combine Beauty and Lifestyle Benefits

Lutron Motorized Shades Bring Style, Security, and Energy
Savings to Your Home.

Window treatments provide the finishing touch
to a room, imparting elegance, ambiance, and style. A home is just not complete
without shades and drapes – bare windows can make a space look barren and

Shades, especially motorized shades, can be
more than fashion – they can lower your energy costs and give you a sense of
privacy. Automated window coverings help you maximize the use of daylight and
assure you a good night’s sleep.

Read more to learn about our Lutron motorized shades for your Los Angeles,
CA home.

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Daylighting Made Manageable

Bringing the natural light of the sun into a
space has a host of benefits. Sunlight improves our state of mind and helps us
feel more balanced with the daily circadian rhythms. Architects and designers love the effect of
light on a room, relying on daylighting sources to enhance our routines about
the house. Lighting can also make certain décor elements pop or enhance a
home’s color palette.

The benefits do bring a downside; with light,
the sun also ushers in heat and UV rays, which can quickly make a room
unbearably hot. At the touch of a button, Lutron shades put you in control of
just how much light comes in. Less direct sunlight lowers the temperature and
reduces the strain on your HVAC system, which is beneficially most of the year
in sunny California.

Our Lutron control solutions allow you to set just
the right mix of natural and electric light and can be tied into existing
control systems.


Privacy and Protection

Your home’s windows frame the scenic cityscape
just outside that you can revel in, but it also means that others can see in as
well.  Your home should feel like a
refuge, where you can relax and be yourself. Motorized shades ensure that you have the level of privacy you need when you
want it: Keep prying eyes away during your more intimate spaces while having
the outside within reach.

Shades can also protect your artwork and
furniture from the damaging rays of the sun. You can bring down sheers at the
press of a button to highlight a room and protect the artwork or drop in
blackouts for complete isolation.


Fabrics and Styles to Fit Your

Lutron created their line of motorized shades
with input from leading interior designers and architects. The choice of
styles, prints, and fabrics will fit any aesthetic and are made of sustainable
materials that resist fading.

Interested in bringing beauty and wellness benefits
to your home with motorized shades from Lutron? Give our design experts at
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