Lutron Offers Innovative Automated Lighting Solutions

How Lutron Can Make for Easy, Centralized Control Beautifully

The thought and planning for a new home build or remodel are definitely overwhelming tasks.  There are thousands of decisions to make to fulfill your vision and bring form, function, and style to life.  In our experience, lighting and control are two areas that don’t get as much attention as they should. After all, lighting is something we use every day in our home and one of the greatest ways to bring sophistication and beauty to the way you live. For a sophisticated lighting display throughout your Beverly Hills, CA property, a Lutron lighting system is a must – and it can also provide convenience, comfort, and security throughout your household, both indoors and outdoors.

Managing your lighting system doesn’t have to be a hassle – it doesn’t have to intrude on your existing interior design either. With innovative solutions from Lutron as well as a Palladiom or Alisse keypad, you can maintain your sleek and refined home décor.

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Lutron’s Superior Difference

Lutron is known for being a reliable and trusted brand in the home lighting and automation business for a reason. With just a tap of a button, a Lutron HomeWorks QS lighting system makes illuminating any part of your home a simple, effortless task. Using any smart device that you’d prefer, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, voice control or wall keypad, you can brighten up a room, dim the lights to set the mood, schedule your landscape lighting to turn on at night, and create a new “scene” for a movie night or family dinner.

Lutron systems are scalable, easily built upon, and integrate seamlessly with the rest of your smart home automation systems. Choose from various lighting fixtures, including subtle wall sconces, delicate hanging lights, and even LED strips that can light up pathways or kitchen counters. The options are limitless and can match any room’s theme or design setup.

Management of Light and Design

Lutron is the leader in light management offering not only fixtures and controls but also automated window coverings. 

Lutron as a company prides itself on being highly sensitive to design and as such, they offer a wide range of choices for keypads, colors, and materials. 

Lastly, you can pick a keypad color and finish that best compliments the room. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find an understated yet stunning keypad that suits your envisioned smart home design.

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