A living area with hanging chairs and picture windows looking over Los Angeles. Draperies hang between the windows.

Let Smart Custom Draperies Transform Your Home for Spring

Motorized Draperies Offer Elegance and Ease of Living 

While it was a long road to spring this year, we can finally say it has arrived. And with it comes the desire to freshen up our homes and invite the sunshine in. One technology that makes this effort easier and more enjoyable is motorized shades. 

With one touch of a button, they automatically rise or lower in perfect unison. No more walking to each window to manually adjust each window covering. Now, you can head to the media room for movie night and close the shades from your luxury chair. 

Better yet, we’ll program your window coverings to raise and lower automatically throughout the day, letting in just enough diffuse sunlight while protecting your fine art and furniture. It’s an incredible world we live in. 

Yet, some homeowners have yet to embrace this innovative technology in Palos Verdes, CA, and one of their reasons is their fondness for draperies. We understand. There’s nothing quite as elegant or luxurious as long flowing draperies from sheer luminescence to rich contemporary designs.

Here’s the good news. You can enjoy the beauty of custom draperies while also experiencing effortless control. Let’s explore the possibilities. 

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Designer Fabrics & Custom Fit

At Window Collections, we offer an extensive selection of the finest designer fabrics and one of the largest selections of the highest-end hardware. Our design experts will help you select the ideal fabric and style, ensuring custom draperies that exceed your expectations. 

Sheer fabrics create extraordinary illumination, an ethereal sense derived from soft, diffuse sunlight. Many homeowners appreciate layering or the combined look of shades or blinds with draperies. This look adds depth and dimension.

One-Touch & Automated Control

You can close one or every drapery in your home with one touch. We can also schedule your drapes to open silently in the morning, letting in the first rays of dawn. Then, as evening falls, they close, allowing for complete privacy. They can also automatically adjust throughout the day based on the sun’s movements.

At Window Collections, we partner with Lutron, the global leader in lighting and shade control. Their full-customizable motorized draperies are ideal for today’s unique architecture, offering curved, 90-degree, and long, straight tracks. They also provide an industry-first Kirbé vertical drapery system that draws fabric up. 

Your home is your sanctuary, an oasis that reflects your unique tastes and desired aesthetics. Let the premier drapery design company in the Los Angeles area help you enhance your home’s design, bring effortless control of daylight and privacy, and amplify the beauty of spring. Come experience the remarkable technology and fabrics at our window treatment showroom in Los Angeles. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Window Collections today.