Illuminate Your Entire Property with a Lighting Control System

One-Touch Control Makes Brightening Your Home a Breeze

Bringing light to your entire Los Angeles, CA property might seem like no easy feat at first. But with a smart lighting control system, you can illuminate every single living space throughout your home with just one tap of a button.

A home lighting system brings stylish fixtures and control keypads, convenient and beneficial features, and much more to your daily living experience – and with zero hassle! So why is smart home lighting control a must for your property? Keep reading on below to find out more.

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Manage Your Entire Property’s Lighting

One of the main benefits of a fully integrated lighting system is that it gives you the ability to control every lighting fixture throughout your home – from the outdoor landscape lighting and downstairs living room overhead fixtures to the small bedside lamp. And all via the same centralized source!

One button-press on your smart device of choice, whether it’s your smartphone, touchscreen tablet, or on-wall keypad, and you can manage every single fixture with ease. You won’t have to worry about walking through every hallway and into every room to ensure the lights are on or off – or remember to turn on the exterior lighting before you go to bed. With your smart lighting system, it only takes a quick tap of a button to adjust settings, make changes, or turn every fixture on or off at once.

Set the Scene & the Mood

Since lighting can transform a room’s whole ambiance, your lighting system then gives you the power to change the mood of your living spaces in an instant. Create “scenes” that adjust different integrated technologies to the desired settings, giving the area in question a full-on transformation. For example, press the “movie night” scene, and your lights in the media room can dim, your motorized shades will lower, and your climate control can set to a comfortable temperature.

Just as you can set scenes, you can also incorporate scheduling into your lighting’s routine. Have lights adjust according to the sun’s patterns, taking advantage of natural lighting when it is at its least intense – and then brightening indoors when the shades need to lower or when the sun begins to set. You’ll never need to lift a finger after your initial setting of the system, but you can make adjustments any time you’d like. 

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