How to Hide Your Motorized Window Treatments and Shades with Blindspace

The Seamless Solution for Concealing Your Shading 

Custom window treatments provide endless features: comfort, convenience, and even security and privacy. While delivering exceptional functionality, they can also enhance your home design and décor by simply never interfering with it – but how? 

Blindspace has your solution. The brand offers innovative solutions to conceal your blinds and shades effortlessly. As the Blindspace’s western distributor, our team at Window Collections can bring their trusted concealing products to your Palos Verdes, CA, home so that you can enjoy your desired home design with all the benefits of stylish yet discreet motorized window shades

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What is Blindspace: “Designed to Disappear” 

Strategically “hiding” smart technologies can feel a bit daunting. But Blindspace products simplify the task; they let you conceal your blinds in any size and any type of window – and in any direction. Blindspace’s durable and adaptable solutions accompanied by an intricate attention to detail make hiding your blinds and shades easier than ever. 

Think about all the windows in your home: from windows and doors to overhead or sloping skylights. Blindspace provides products that take the hassle out of concealing your shades and blinds of choice – including ways to recess curtain tracks from trusted companies in the industry like Lutron and Somfy

With Blindspace, you have endless concealed-design options. Multiple configurations are available for installation, depending on how you prefer to conceal your blind or side boxes to eliminate a gap. Choose to hide your shading in the ceiling or wall or within a Blindspace box that hides both the blind and blind side channels. The same sizing and technical considerations go towards skylight installations, whether with a Blindspace frame installed within the skylight structure or a Blindspace box installed below it. 

Let’s Talk Recessed Curtain Tracks 

Perhaps concealing your luxurious yet more bulky curtains or drapery when it’s not in use is on your mind. Blindspace has you covered! Their Reese recessed curtain track solution lets you experience a minimalist design and setup in any room, with the curtain tracks and end-sets installed flush with your ceiling to form a mini pocket. These are available with skim coat flanges or with chamfered edges to allow bending. They can then be emulsion painted to further have the end result entirely and seamlessly blend in with your ceiling and surroundings. 

Just like with the window and skylight concealment products, Blindspace’s recessed curtain tracks offer other installation options as well. Choose to combine a Reese track and Blindspace box, or even install dual recessed curtain tracks. The latter features two recessed curtain tracks, separated by a distance that permits wider end-sets on each track. 

How can Window Collections help? Our team of professionals works with only the most trusted motorized shading brands. And as Blindspace’s western distributor, we aim to bring effortlessly – and properly – concealed window treatments to your California home. 

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