A luxury bathroom featuring a large shower with stone finished walls on the left and a large white tub on the right.

How Can You Perfect Your Bathroom Lighting Design?

Home Lighting Control Helps You Set Your Bathroom Remodels Apart

Luxury homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their living spaces, and no area gets more attention during renovations than bathrooms. A recent Global Market Insights Inc. study anticipates that the bathroom remodeling market will reach $78 billion by 2027. Vying for a share of the market should be a top priority for design or architecture firms in Los Angeles, CA. 

Clients take on these projects yearly, hoping for greater comfort, aesthetics, and improved property values. As technology becomes more prevalent in living spaces, it’s no longer enough to offer niche materials or avant-garde cabinetwork. Technology is taking center stage, and enhanced lighting solutions are one of the go-to additions. 

Our latest blog showcases innovative ways to use home lighting control and design in bathroom remodels. 

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Reimagine the Bathroom Sink

If there’s one place everyone notices lousy lighting, it’s in the bathroom mirror. Simple upgrades here will help eliminate shadows around the face, allowing people to look and feel refreshed when getting ready in the morning. By adding lights on the top and side of the mirror, your clients will enjoy more even illumination. Refurbished bathroom spaces should also include home lighting control that allows clients to change fixture color and intensity until they find what makes them look best. 

Adjust for Any Occasion

Renovating bathrooms with a professional home lighting control system makes them more versatile. Enhance your clients’ comfort by always letting them set the proper lighting, whether having a relaxing bath after work or going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Now they can pull up their favorite settings by pressing a custom-engraved, back-lit button on a beautiful on-wall keypad finished to match the surrounding wall. We’ll work with you to save their favorite settings into their system and make it easy for them to access them anytime. 

Enhance Client Privacy 

Take advantage of motorized window treatment to give your clients ultimate privacy. Available in various colors, fabrics and models, they’re also a tremendous stylistic tool for your team. You take care of finding the ones that best fit your client’s vision, and we’ll work on integrating them into their home lighting control systems. Homeowners will be able to manage them from the same beautiful keypad. For added privacy, we’ll even automate them. If they’re worrying about peeping Toms, shades could automatically close when they walk in or at given times. Either way, they no longer have to walk up to a window and risk being seen to adjust the shades. 

No living space gets reimagined and renovated as much as the bathroom. Get ahead of the competition by elevating your client’s bathroom designs with innovative lighting solutions. Schedule a visit to our showroom by calling or filling out our contact form.