Elevate Your Entire Property with Smart Lighting Control

Effortlessly Illuminate Your Whole Home & Lifestyle

Lighting can be transformative. A properly calibrated lighting setup in a room can take a poorly lit space and turn it into an inviting environment. Now imagine if one tap of a button or automated setting can manage every lighting fixture throughout your Los Angeles, CA home. A smart lighting control system from Lutron brings this level of simplicity to your daily lifestyle.

Home lighting illuminates the possibilities for upgrading your everyday smart living experience – keep reading on below to see how lighting automation can transform your at-home lifestyle!

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Convenience & Comfort

When your lighting is fully under your command, you can sit back, relax, and bask in its benefits at all hours of the day. It’s why a smart and innovative lighting system, such as one from the leading brand Lutron, is a must! Simply use your smart device of choice – whether it’s your smartphone, smart remote, touchscreen tablet, or wall keypad – to tap a button and manage every component of your lighting control.

Set scenes to accommodate certain moods or events within your home, adjust brightness and dimming with a single button-press, and turn on and off every lighting fixture just as easily. With Lutron, daily convenience and comfort via your home lighting are just one tap away!

Enhanced Style

As we mentioned before, lighting can completely elevate the ambiance and atmosphere of a room – and your entire home. Not only can lighting control highlight your home’s architecture and layout, but it can also enhance your existing décor and interior design – adding to its overall glow and character.

Choose different color options to match the setting, brighten up a space at any time of day, put a spotlight on your antiques and valuables, and much more. Every simple adjustment can take your home design to new heights.

Integrated Shading

An incredible benefit to Lutron systems is their ability to integrate shading into their setup seamlessly. With the same devices you use to operate your lighting solutions and fixtures, you can also manage every custom drapery and shade throughout your property. Set scenes with both products, or adjust one solution at a time, entirely shaping your home’s lighting with just a tap of a button. Lutron makes merging your smart lighting and shading a breeze!


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