Custom Draperies: What Your Shading Solution Entails

Our Team Brings Convenience & Style to Your Automated Shades

The windows throughout our homes offer brilliant lighting and stunning vistas at various moments throughout the day – but the treatments we adorn them with have just as much of an impact on our surroundings!

Custom draperies can provide comfort, luxury, and overall enhanced style for your entire Manhattan Beach, CA living space. But did you know that far more goes into your drapery setup than you might realize?

At Window Collections, we take every shading component as seriously as the ones you see – as well as those don’t see quite as evidently. Keep reading on below to learn what goes into a drapery setup and installation!

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More Than Its Materials

When you first think of draperies for your living space, you might think of the fabrics and materials that make up the window treatments themselves. And while these luxurious fabric choices certainly bring together your draperies consist of several components – ones that also elevate your interiors!

Accompanying those fabric patterns and colors are the pieces that hold your draperies together and parallel to your windows, allowing them to move and conceal them seamlessly. The ironworks of the draperies, including the hangers, rods, and end pieces, not only support the custom treatments but are also minimalistic. Alternatively, they can be decorative depending on your design preferences.

Now how the fabrics themselves are displayed still plays a part in your drapery setup, of course! Choose their display style to create the desired ambiance in any designated room with a pinch cleat or ripple fold, showcasing your elegant fabrics when in motion or not. You’ll soon experience your home environment in a brand-new way.

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Our team of experts knows and understands custom window treatments – and we want your draperies not only to blend into your interior design effortlessly but also to enhance it overall. We work with trusted and reliable manufacturers like Busche, JL Anthony, Finial Company, and more for custom draperies that fit your needs and elevate your whole home.

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