Windows covered with blinds bringing natural sunlight into an office space.

Bring in Natural Light with Custom Smart Blinds

Learn How Lutron’s Smart Blinds Automatically Adjust Throughout the Day

Window coverings are one of the primary considerations in the design elements of a home. They can bring a home’s aesthetics together or distract from the composition. They can change the mood from light and airy to luxurious and alluring. With the growing use of smart blinds and shades, they can also make controlling light effortless and beautiful. 

At Window Collections, we’ve been transforming homes, and helping designers create their vision for over 25 years. One of the growing trends we see in 2022 is smart Venetian blinds. Today, they come in beautiful, natural woods. Even better? These smart blinds automatically change with the position of the sun. 

Let’s explore the world of custom smart blinds and see how they’re transforming homes in Los Angeles, CA.

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Smart Blinds Redefined

At Window Collections, we partner with industry leaders in window shades and home automation. In the world of smart blinds and shades, that brand is Lutron. When they came out with Serena smart blinds, they changed the nature of these unique window coverings that first appeared in 1769. 

These quiet motorized blinds utilize your home’s GPS and the direction your windows face to adjust their position throughout the day. Called Natural Light Optimization, they maximize the natural light in a room while protecting carpet, furniture, and artwork from the sun’s direct glare. This feature tilts the blinds automatically throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky, ensuring balanced light while reducing glare. 

We can also program them to change at specified times. For example, in the morning, the blinds on the east-facing windows can tilt open with the sun’s rising. At the end of the day, the blinds on your west-facing windows can change, allowing you to see the beautiful sunsets. They can also be scheduled to close when you leave your home and open upon your arrival. 

Total Control 

When you’d like to control your shades manually, simply tap a button to tilt them to varying degrees to allow just enough sunlight in throughout the day. You can manage your blinds with Lutron’s smartphone app, smart remote, or voice control. Their customized bottom rail also allows you to lift or lower them easily. No cords mean a safer home for your children and pets. 

Imagine waking in the morning to the first rays of the sun filtering through your bedroom window. Then, as evening descends, they close to offer you and your family privacy. These handcrafted wood blinds come in eight stained or painted finishes, including dark walnut, red mahogany, light oak, stone grey, and arctic white. We also can power them up via batteries or hardwired, making them the perfect solution for any room. 

Working with Our Design Team

At Window Collections, our team is made of designers, artisans, and skilled technicians. For over two decades, we’ve worked with homeowners, interior designers, builders, and integrators on the finest homes in Southern California, remaining at the forefront of innovation and style. To learn more about custom smart blinds or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Window Collections today.