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Why Motorized Awnings from ABC Sun Control Might Be Right for You


Explore How Luxury Outdoor Window Treatments Can Increase Convenience and Accessibility

Are you looking to transform your sunny Palos Verdes backyard into a more customized and comfortable space? Exterior motorized awnings and shades provide protection and comfort throughout your backyard, helping to create the custom space of your dreams. 

At Window Collections, we are proud to partner with ABC Sun Control Systems to install their products in homes across Southern California. As you look to upgrade your space inside and out, motorized shades, blinds, and awnings offer automatic settings that leave outdated manual adjustments in the past! When you want to enhance your space and create a custom, cohesive look, our cutting-edge installations have you covered.

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Top 3 Reasons You Need to Consider Custom Draperies

luxury living room overlooking the city through floor-to-ceiling windows furnished with custom draperies

Discover the Latest Features of Automated Window Treatments

Adding custom draperies throughout your Manhattan Beach, CA, home can dramatically enhance any living space's ambiance, convenience, and energy efficiency. These stylish window coverings enhance a homeowner's daily lifestyle and routines, from the bedroom to home entertainment areas and beyond. Discover three reasons our clients love incorporating custom draperies in our article below—keep scrolling!

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Experience Dual Shading with Exterior Motorized Shades


Window Collections Brings Unique Shading Installations to Your Property

If you know just how beneficial motorized shades are for your living space, then you might be seeking out how to bring together the various models and styles that window treatments have to offer. Dual shading is the perfect solution to bringing multiple types of shading fabrics and materials to one space in your Beverly Hills, CA home.

However, when you have limited spacing for a ceiling installation, dual shading becomes more difficult. But Window Collections doesn’t let a unique room setup or obstacle prevent you from experiencing the best of automated shading!

With exterior motorized shades combined with our expert design, your shading installation is in good hands. Want to learn more about this top-notch process for your upcoming home upgrade or project? Just keep reading on below.

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Top Reasons to Get Motorized Shades for Your Living Spaces


Here’s Why This Innovative Solution Is a Must for Your Daily Lifestyle

When it comes to new additions to your home décor and smart technologies throughout your Los Angeles, CA living space, motorized shades are sometimes an afterthought. Motorized Window coverings innovative yet stylish solution often gets pushed aside because people think it is complicated, not possible, or just too expensive – Automated window treatments are an absolute must for some windows in your home. An experienced provider of motorized window treatments and automation can help you bring an easy and affordable solution to your home.

In this blog, we’ll dive into how motorized shades can impact your daily lifestyle and entire property in the best of ways – from added convenience and elegance to improved safety in every part of your home. Want to find out more? Keep reading on below.

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Working with a Professional Company for Your Custom Window Shading Installation


Here’s Why Teaming Up with the Professionals Is a Must

When you begin your automated shading journey, you might wonder what the difference is between an experienced professional company vs. a company that might take short cuts in order to make the price lower.  However, any benefits are far outweighed by how your window treatments will fare in the long run.

Teaming up with a professional and experienced company, like Window Collections, is key for a successful custom window shades project to your Los Angeles, CA property. So, what makes a trusted team of experts stand above an alternative route? Keep reading on below to learn why working with us leads to more satisfying results – both in design and functionality. 

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What Goes into Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Automated Shades?


Bring Your Desired Material & Design to Your Shading Installation

Window treatments enhance and stylize your windows, provide convenience and luxury throughout your day, and add the missing piece to any home décor setup. But have you considered the process for choosing the right fabric for your motorized shades? Your shading’s fabric and material shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In this blog, we’ll dive into this intricate process and show you what components and features are important to evaluate for your decision-making! Keep reading on below to learn the best way to choose the right fabric for your Los Angeles, CA home’s automated shades.

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The Importance of a Premier Lutron Dealer


Top Benefits of Working with a Professional for Your Lighting & Shading Design

Lighting impacts every part of your property and daily at-home lifestyle. It can shape a room and influence the aesthetics of any space. This level of importance means teaming up with a professional for your home lighting and shading design is essential.

As your premier Lutron dealer in the Los Angeles, CA area, Window Collections can deliver impeccable attention to detail and top-quality expertise for every step of your lighting design and installation.

Keep reading on below to learn what a professional lighting design and setup can do for your home and how our team can help.

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What to Consider When Choosing Custom Draperies


Here Are Some Key Points for Finding the Right Window Treatments

Bringing custom draperies to your home in the Manhattan Beach, CA area requires careful deliberation. There are many factors to consider when it comes to a professional drapery installation from our team at Window Collections.

In this blog, we’ll explore what the best custom draperies feature and what their design and installation entail. Want to learn more about choosing the right treatments for your upcoming projects? Keep reading on below.

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What Are Some Options for Custom Window Treatments?


Explore the Variety of Lutron Shades This Year

Style is one of the best ways to express ourselves. From the clothes we wear to the car we drive to our smartphone covers, we are constantly telling the world who we are. Homeowners view their property as another space where personal style and elegance can be reflected. A home’s design and décor should invite homeowners to always truly be themselves, relax, and unwind from the world outside in a space that’s catered to them. 

No longer is there a divide between interior design and smart home automation; a crossover between these two industries is becoming more and more common in homes. Now you can enjoy functionality with flair when it comes to custom window treatments. Because with all the latest styles, fabrics, and materials from brands like Lutron and Blindspace, you can automate any home in Los Angeles, CA without sacrificing personalized design. 

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Motorized Shades Combine Beauty and Lifestyle Benefits


Lutron Motorized Shades Bring Style, Security, and Energy Savings to Your Home. 

Window treatments provide the finishing touch to a room, imparting elegance, ambiance, and style. A home is just not complete without shades and drapes – bare windows can make a space look barren and unfinished. 

Shades, especially motorized shades, can be more than fashion - they can lower your energy costs and give you a sense of privacy. Automated window coverings help you maximize the use of daylight and assure you a good night's sleep. 

Read more to learn about our Lutron motorized shades for your Los Angeles, CA home.

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