A luxury patio with an exterior shade.

5 Perks of Exterior Shades

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More With an Outdoor Shading Solution

Have you ever wanted to spend time outside just to find it’s too hot, raining, or there are too many bugs? Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather, but you can control your patio space. Exterior shades from companies like Lutron or Conrad are a great way to enhance the outdoor space in your Manhattan Beach, CA, home so you can spend more quality time outdoors. Keep reading to find out five ways outdoor shades can benefit you.

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1. Protect Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is designed to hold up outside, but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible. Outdoor shades and screens are a great way to ensure your patio furniture stays beautiful and functional for years. UV rays can bleach colors, and weather can cause the materials to deteriorate. But exterior screens protect from the sun and weather, keeping your patio furniture preserved.

2. Reduce Heat

You spent time, energy, and money curating a beautiful outdoor space. It’s only natural to want to spend time in it! But California summers can get uncomfortable, causing many people to stay indoors. An outdoor screen provides insulation, so your patio space will stay cooler even as temperatures rise, allowing you to stay comfortable year round. 

3. Create Interior Blackout Rooms

Exterior blinds aren’t only used to protect patio spaces. They can also be placed over windows on the side of your home to create a completely blackout room inside. There are interior blackout curtains, but a little light may still be able to seep in around the edges. With an exterior blackout shade, no light will get inside at all. These shades can be great for home theaters and rooms where you want extra privacy.

4. Prevents Bugs

Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy some time outside and being pestered by gnats and mosquitos. It’s especially bothersome when you’re trying to enjoy a meal. A screen around your patio space keeps out all the bugs, so you can focus more on relaxing than swatting bugs. 

5. Extends Living Space

It’s such a luxury to have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. But it may feel like you can only enjoy it at certain times. As a result, you may not be able to enjoy your patio space as much as you’d like. By installing an exterior screen, you’ll be able to use your patio space much more and will essentially be able to extend your living space. It’s like adding another room!

Window Collections specializes in window treatments, including interior and exterior shades. We work with many top brands in smart shading solutions, such as Lutron and Conrad. If you’re ready to start an exterior shading project for your Manhattan Beach, CA home, contact us today!