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Sunscreen Roller Shades

Sunscreen Roller Shades for Window

Living in California means we have the benefit of sunshine for most of the year!  While we love this it also is important for your client’s home to have the proper window coverings that increase UV protection and reduce the glare from the sun.  Window Collections has perfected a solution that will allow you to keep the beautiful views in your client’s home, and at the same time get ultimate protection from the sun.  We use only the finest materials for our Sunscreen fabrics and utilize an open weave that allows sunlight to filter through while maintaining the view. Some of the many benefits of these fabrics include:

  •  Ultimate controlled glare
  •  Maximized view
  •  UV Protection
  •  Heat reduction
  •  Optimized interior energy efficiency

Dual treatment applications, or two different treatments on the same window, are available for windows with multiple needs.

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