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Natural Shades

Natural Shades for Windows

Natural Shades bring the character and beauty of the outdoors into your client’s home. Handcrafted from natural grasses, jute, reeds, and bamboo, they provide a striking combination of natural beauty, durability, and functionality. These shades are also a great way to be eco friendly in your client’s home and to minimize the carbon footprint. We offer a wide variety of patterns, textures and colors, and we can customize to give you the exact style desired – whether elegant, exotic, or casual.

These unique shades are designed in Roman-style and can be accented with tassel pull chords or can even be motorized.  Please choose from our vast selection of shades including Conrad, Hartman and Forbes, LaFayette, Horizons, Hunter Douglas and more.  Please note that custom weave natural shades is also an option.


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