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General Contractors - Window Treatment

The complexities and demands General Contractors face working on major projects with multiple vendors is fully understood by the Window Collections team. We specialize in reducing the pressure on builders who require custom, unique, and technologically advanced window covering solutions. We meet your need to bring modern innovations of intelligent technology, seamless design & programming to your projects. Whether it’s a new build, tenant improvement or a complete remodel, our knowledgeable and experienced engineers can effectively collaborate on what to avoid and where to proceed in order to save time, frustration and avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Some of our services include:

  • Reviewing blueprints to ensure proper pocket placement and dimension specifications
  • Assisting with solutions for unusual applications
  • Providing showroom samples and swatches
  • Supplying supplemental information such as design sketches,
    technical information, wiring diagrams or product comparisons for
    window treatments
  • Following up with job site contractor to ensure appropriate
    implementation of the design
  • Running all low-voltage wiring and assisting with integration solutions
  • Pre-installing aluminum pockets as needed