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Technology has been consistently redefining our everyday living, and now with the touch of a button any window treatment anywhere in a house, apartment or business can be automatically operated with ease.  Motorization makes people’s lives easier, creates an elegant space, and even saves money with reduced energy costs.  Window coverings can be controlled with your tablet or smart phone, and you can pre-set buttons for immediate operation or program your treatments with a timer to adjust as the sun travels each day.
With homes continually being pre-wired to control security, lighting, heating, entertainment, and communications, motorized window coverings are a natural inclusion for convenience and efficiency.

Window Collections, proud Lutron Black Diamond dealer, serves its clients by becoming the liaison between the electrician, lighting designer, and home automation expert.  We ensure that your window treatments will work together seamlessly and will collaborate with all your other home technology such as and Apply HomeKit.
Our long-standing partnership with today’s most innovative and reputable integration manufacturers guarantees the highest quality products and solutions at a competitive price.  Just a sampling of our lighting and home automation systems includes: LUTRON Lighting Control, Crestron, AMX, LightTouch, Vantage

Benefits of Automation

Elegance and Ambiance: We offer one of the widest selections of window treatment selections in LA and guarantee to provide the perfect solution for your client’s home or office space. We elegantly transition any space with our beautiful treatments combined with innovative technology. Also, automated shades align precisely within 1/16 inch of each other for a balanced, fantastic look!

Energy Efficiency: We utilize our motorized climate control system to maximize energy efficiency in every home and office space. Your clients can utilize their shading system to save on energy costs with settings like “Winter Warm,” which takes advantage of warm sunlight, and “Summer Cool,” which blocks solar heat. We have the perfect solutions for you that look stylish and save you money!

Sun Protection: Motorized shades increase UV protection and protect your client’s beautiful valuables, furnishings, and floors from sun damage.

Ease of Use: Your client can raise, lower, or tilt the motorized window coverings by a simple touch of a button.

Increased Life: Motorized treatments eliminate any pulling and tugging usually associated with manual shades, and therefore helps increase the lifespan of window coverings.

Convenience: We utilize timers, sensors, and GPS daylight tracking controls, which allow your motorized treatments to be operated from almost any location…whether your home or away you can control your window coverings with simplicity and ease.

Security: Features like Automatic Programming provide additional protection by making a home appear occupied. Set the system to “Away,” and your shades will close, restricting the view inside.

Control: Your clients have the ability to control multiple window treatments with one simple button by using a whole-home shading system for simultaneous control of all shades.

Safety: A motorized system eliminates the need for dangling cords, which can be hazardous to small children.