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Our Team

Paul Bynum

Paul Bynum

President and CEO

For almost three decades the Window Collections Team has dedicated itself to a standard of excellence that has allowed for sustained superior performance and the development of intensely loyal customers. Our highly trained, skilled and engaged team is united with a common ethic of integrity and strives to provide superior functional and aesthetic results for our customers. We take pride in the fact that through the thousands of projects on which we’ve been priviledged to work, we have established and maintained an outstanding reputation as an exceptional industry leader. We will continue in our passion for learning and growing in order to continue to set ourselves apart as the best in our industry and for you.

We look forward to working togther with you on your next project.

Jason Gerhardt

Operations Manager

Steve Luna

Senior Sales Executive

Linda Bynum


Kenna Bynum

VP/Business Development

Henry Olvera

Office Manager

Brandon Alexander

Sales Associate

Christina Fineo

AR/HR Manager

Albert Bogino

Sr. Project Manager

Oscar Huerta

Sr. Project Manager

Jorge Bogino


Jonathan Chavarria

Project Manager

Pedro Gutierrez

Sr. Installer

Leo Quintanella


Frank Rioza


Charles Chessher

Marketing Consultant

Haylee Georgiou

Creative Director