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Lutron Radiora 2
Radiora 2 Shades

Total home control is the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light, the temperature, and the power used by appliances in a room, or throughout your home.

With RadioRA 2, you can:

  • save energy and lessen your impact on the environment. The energy-saving benefits of RadioRA 2 are brought to you through a combination of light, shade, temperature, and appliance control.
  • add convenience to your daily life. With a total home control system, you can adjust lights, shades, and temperature to the specific level you want, in a particular room, or throughout your house — at the touch of a button.
  • create just the right mood or ambiance for any activity — and do it with stylish products that will complement your home’s décor.
  • add cutting edge technology to your home. With RadioRA 2, you can control lights, shades, temperature, and appliances from wall-mounted, tabletop, or handheld controls, in a specific room — or remotely from another room — or even from outside your home. You can also incorporate voice and audio control into your system with other connected home products.

Ideal for existing homes and new construction.

Because RadioRA 2 features Lutron wireless technology, the system installs just as easily into existing homes as it does into new construction.

Control from inside or outside your home

Conveniently control and monitor your home’s lights, shades, and temperature as you approach your home, from anywhere inside your home, or even while away. The system’s two-way communication lets you know if lights are left on, shades are open, or what the temperature is even when you can’t see the areas being controlled.

Lutron Radiora 2 Light Control System
Lutron RadioRA 2 GRAFIK T RF C.L Hybrid Keypads

GRAFIK T RF C•L hybrid keypad in Black; iPhone®, and Apple Watch® with Lutron Connect app

iPhone and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

System components

When you choose RadioRA 2, you’re selecting a comprehensive system comprised of keypads, light controls, sensors, fan controls, temperature controls, appliance controls, and shades.

RadioRA 2 was developed so that you can choose the specific components you want in order to create the system that will best suit your lifestyle.

Lutron RadioRA 2 Components

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