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window collections automated window treatments
window collections automated window treatments

Transforming light and space

To control light is to add atmosphere, warmth, drama, and presence. Seeing life in just the right light is better on the eye and the spirit.

In 1961, Joel Spira gave light extraordinary shade with the innovation of the solid-state dimmer. As the switch gave way to the control, we were suddenly bringing light “up” / “down”. Creating the right mood became as important as providing illumination. And so, good lighting evolved into being as worthy an interior design factor as colour, texture, furnishings, and accessories.

Today, Lutron’s vast range of ingenious, innovative lighting products do more than access light, they orchestrate it. Lutron has celebrated innovation by filing over 2,000 patents wolrdwide. This consistent inventiveness is matched by product excellence and quality control. Every single one of our products is subjected to the industry’s toughest testing and backed by equally robust guarantees.

With Lutron, you enjoy the many aesthetic, practical, and monetary benefits of light control.

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