Blackout Shades

Blackout fabrics keep all light from passing through the material and allow you the perfect and unique environment.  You can incorporate blackout shades in bedrooms for a great night sleep or in your client’s theater room so that they can watch the movie in complete darkness. These are just a couple of the locations where we can install luxurious blackout shades that will give your client’s home the privacy it deserves. You can also combine these materials with custom side channels, top treatments, and other components to ensure a complete light seal. Some of the many benefits of these fabrics include:

  •  Create a darkened room
  •  Protect your interiors from fading
  •  Reduce heat
  •  Optimize interior energy efficiency
  •  Ensure privacy

Dual treatment applications, or two different treatments on the same window, are available for windows with multiple needs.


Dual Roller Shades:
This is the ultimate luxurious option in regards to roller shades!  Dual roller shades will easily create versatile light control for any interior. This design integrates two fabrics on the same window with each shade capable of independent movement. Your client’s home can have a sunscreen shade that reduces heat while maintaining visibility during the day, and can be paired with a blackout shade that offers privacy at night.  This is the perfect solution for a home!  Who said you can’t have it all?  Some of the many benefits of these fabrics include:

  •  Ultimate controlled glare
  •  Maximized view
  •  Ensure privacy
  •  Control glare
  •  Protect interiors from fading
  •  UV Protection
  •  Reduce heat
  •  Optimize interior energy efficiency
  •  Create a darkened room

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