Exterior Shading

At Window Collections our exterior shading solutions offer your client excellent solar protection and glare reduction while maintaining a beautiful and wonderful look.  We offer a wide variety of exterior shading for your client’s home or commercial space and can utilize blackout fabrics, which keep all light from passing through the material.  Our Exterior shades come complete with stylish extruded aluminum housing boxes and complete with your choice of side rails, side cables or a free hanging hem bar. These can span distances of up to 12’ without fabric gaps and up to 24’ as a coupled unit, and they come standard with a switch operated motor.  They can also be upgraded to remote control or integrated to operate with various automation systems and accessories.


At Window Collections we think of everything so you don’t have to….we also offer exterior shades in a Stand-Off mount unit where the fabric roll is reversed so that the fabric comes off the front of the box rather than off the back. The Stand-Off mount is ideal for situations where there is an obstruction protruding from the area being covered such as a door knob, water faucet or large window moldings.


Here are some of the many benefits of Exterior Shading:

  • Create a darkened room
  • Protect your interiors from fading
  • Reduce heat
  • Keeps the heat or the cold outside the house
  • Optimize interior energy efficiency
  • Ensure privacy


Dual treatment applications, or two different treatments on the same window, are available for windows with multiple needs.  

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